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Interim report specialexhibition EY ALTER

The interactive special exhibition EY ALTER in the Mercedes-Benz Museum still runs through 30 June 2017. As with the entire museum, it is also open Easter weekend including Easter Monday. To date, more than 80,000 people of all age groups have already explored the subject of demographics in a playful way - exciting results. Since October 2016, individual visitors, families and even entire groups have encountered the phenomenon of age in an interactive format in the special exhibition "EY ALTER – Get to know yourself". The offering thrills all age groups. Their range spans as broad as the variety of topics in the special exhibition. This is not least evident in the results of the EY CARDS: The ages of the visitors determined at twenty activity stations range from 9 to 85 years. And the average clearly shows: At 31.23 years, the visitors of EY ALTER are pretty young. To date, EY ALTER has recorded more than 80,000 visitors. The exhibition covers 400 square metres in the "Fascination Technology" area of the Mercedes-Benz Museum and still runs through 30 June 2017.

The focus of the exhibition is on twenty activity stations that allow visitors to explore their various capabilities. This ranges from the ability to react and life experience to the perception of complex signals and mental acuity. Everyone stores the result of the individual stations on so-called EY CARDS. At the end of the course, the data are converted into a very personal EYSCORE. Every visitor receives a certificate with his or her personal EYSCORE and an overview of the own capabilities. The analysis of the some 17,000 EY CARDS added up to the enormous total of more than half a million years (547,045 years, to be precise): This is the result of adding up the interactively determined ages of the corresponding number of visitors in the experiential exhibition. The data pool of the anonymised and analysed EY CARDS is representative. It corresponds to more than one fourth of the already more than 80,000 guests who have explored the special exhibition on the subject of demographics since October 2016. By participating in EY ALTER, the visitors provide valuable insights for ageing research.

Whether they come from the Stuttgart region or from cities all over the world – anyone who completes the activity course of the exhibition replaces conventional notions of "young" and "old" with new insights: For example, about the diversity of individual abilities. And about how people of different ages will be able in future to utilize their capabilities collectively even better.

There are many stories in every visit to EY ALTER. That too makes the special exhibition an ideal destination for a family outing – on Easter, for example. Because the Mercedes-Benz Museum is open all holidays including Easter Monday.

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